2013 Award Winners
Basil Julian

COSCDA James Reeves Member Contribution Award

Named in honor of long time COSCDA member, James Reeves, this award recognizes an individual COSCDA member who has made the most significant and sustained contribution to the work and mission of COSCDA during the last five years.

James E. Reeves Member Contribution Award is being awarded by the Members of COSCDA to Basil Julian, Director of Grants Management Division at the Arkansas Economic Development Commission in recognition of his dedicated service and outstanding contribution to the mission and vision of the organization. Basil currently serves as Treasurer on the national Board of Directors of the COSCDA and is a mentor, and a true friend to many, and a popular, respected, and trusted member of COSCDA, and all other organizations for which he serves and volunteers.

2013 COSCDA Presidential Award for Innovation

State of Indiana - Communities for a Lifetime

State of Indiana - Communities for a Lifetime

The Indiana Housing and Community Development's (IHCDA) Communities for a Lifetime program helps Indiana communities create physical and social environments for the aging and disabled population to remain healthy and independent community residents throughout their lifespan. IHCDA partnered with sixteen state-wide aging and disability organizations to create a comprehensive program that assists communities plan and implement projects to assist their aging and disabled citizens to remain in their communities as they age.

Three Indiana communities, Huntington, Linton and Valparaiso were selected through a competitive application process. Each community received $16,000 planning grants to further develop existing key implementation projects that would help achieve citizens aging in place.

Each plan was reviewed and site visits were conducted. In February 2013, each community was designated a Community for a Lifetime. In addition, a total of $1,100,000 of implementation funding from IHCDA was awarded through funds from the Community Development Block Grant and the Indiana Affordable Housing & Community Development Fund. The communities have also received a total of over $400,000 in additional investments from other partners including state departments, city contributions, local community foundations, and private donations. During the initial year of the Communities for a Lifetime program, 60 homeowners will receive owner occupied repairs to remain living in their homes with a $25,000 maximum grant subsidy each. With additional projects such as sidewalk improvements, new training equipment for a senior center and an aquatic lift for a city pool, as well as other projects completed with private funding, it is estimated that over 20,000 individuals, if not more, will be able to benefit from the improvements achieved through this program.

Sterling Achievement Award - Community Development

State of Iowa - Woodbine Inspired

Woodbine Inspired

Woodbine Inspired

The objective of selecting Woodbine, Iowa, population 1,450, as a pilot green community was to provide a demonstration community for all of Iowa and beyond to see how an integrated approach to community revitalization that is focused on historic preservation and community sustainability principles can revitalize a struggling, small rural community.

The result was Woodbine Inspired, a holistic and integrated approach to community revitalization that included, developing a sustainable community master plan, intensive energy assessments for all downtown buildings, energy efficiency improvement incentive program, a façade master plan involving all 25 downtown buildings, upper-story housing in nearly all downtown buildings, four building gut rehabilitation projects, a new community health clinic, development of a new community gathering space, and integration of public art.

Between 2008-2012, more than $9 million of federal, state and local funding comprised of more than three dozen funding sources was invested in the Main Street Iowa district of Woodbine. Community Development Block Grant funds were utilized for a façade master plan project improving 25 building fronts in the Main Street District. Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery funds supported adaptive reuse of downtown upper-stories for new housing to replace area lost units as a result of natural disasters in 2008.

Program Results

The following accomplishments have been achieved between late 2008 and June 2013.

18 - net gain in new business starts; 39 - net gain in new jobs; 36 - rehabbed/new main street buildings; 17 - adaptive use upper-story housing units added; 6 - rehabbed upper-story housing units added; 1 - new health clinic added; 2 - new dentists recruited to Woodbine ; $9 million - private and grant funds invested; 13,500 - community volunteer hours logged downtown.

Only school district in the county with a net increase in enrollment over the last five years
   COSCDA Sterling Achievement Award - Housing

State of Michigan for the Michigan NSP2 Consortium

Michigan NSP2 Consortium

The Michigan NSP2 Consortium was created via a partnership arrangement between the Michigan State Housing Development Authority, the Michigan Land Bank, and local land banks and municipalities within twelve cities. The cities awarded NSP2 funds were Detroit, Highland Park, Hamtramck, Wyandotte, Flint, Saginaw, Pontiac, Lansing, Battle Creek, Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, and Benton Harbor. The consortium shared a vision for foreclosure recovery and neighborhood stabilization in targeted areas that met HUD's NSP2 high-risk and high-need foreclosure and vacancy criteria.

The consortium members worked together in a collaborative manner to address each one's individual housing challenges within the targeted neighborhoods that were characterized by high levels of foreclosure and abandonment, but were strategically important to the larger community as potential "neighborhoods of choice" once revitalized.

COSCDA Sterling Achievement Award - Homelessness

State of Virginia - Homeless Services Transformation

Homeless Services Transformation

This initiative covers a number of significant policy and programmatic changes to Virginia's homeless services. This transition from primarily addressing homelessness through emergency shelters to primarily using rapid re-housing has not been easy. We have been fortunate to enter into a partnership with the Freddie Mac Foundation, the National Alliance to End Homelessness and the Virginia Coalition to End Homelessness. We are now in the second year of a $1 million per year grant from the Freddie Mac Foundation. We are hopeful that we will receive a third year of funding in late fall. The funds have been used for increasing capacity in service providers to successfully reduce homelessness through rapid re-housing, training, challenge grants and development of new data base and framework.

The Freddie Mac Foundation funds have allowed Virginia to hire the first-ever Homeless Outcomes Coordinator. This position works closely to implement the Homeless Outcomes Report and Recommendations developed in 2010. This report is a strategic plan designed to reduce homelessness and provide a structure for coordinating all state services and programs that impact homelessness.