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President's Award for Innovation

This award shall recognize a member agency (state, associate and/or homelessness) for its development and implementation of innovative policies and programs that have demonstrated success in solving community needs. The winner of this award will make a presentation at the COSCDA Annual Training Conference.

The member agency's innovative approach, policy, or program may include, but not be limited to: new or expanded services; filling gaps in the availability of existing programs or services; tapping new sources of revenues or partnerships; demonstrating alternative or more cost-effective delivery methods for existing programs; creation of new programs or roles for the state in addressing housing, community or economic development issues; improved delivery of programs between state and local communities; or new methods for involving the intended beneficiaries of the program in the delivery of the program activities.

All COSCDA member agencies are eligible to receive this award.


Must be innovative. Show that the program or policy is new, unique or addresses a unique challenge or situation.

Demonstrated results. Show measurable results in solving identified needs over at least two years.

Transferability. Show the ability to transfer the innovative policy or program to other states to implement.

State Leadership. Demonstrate the leadership role of the state in meeting the needs of its citizens, i.e. put a face on the issue and our solutions.


Any member agency may submit a nomination, including associate and homelessness members. Members may nominate their own programs and policies.


The Awards Review Committee of the Board reviews the nominations and make a recommendations to the President, with the President of COSCDA shall make the final selection personally.

Project/Program Name: 
Agency Name: 
Contact Person: 

Project/Program Description:
In describing the Program, please include funding sources: detail specific funding sources and programs, including federal, state, local, tax credits (which type?), and private/foundation or community funding. In describing this, include percentages (for each funding source) of entire project budget. Also, include the beginning date of the program/as well as the lifespan ensure that you discuss the sustainability of the project.

Staffing for the Program/Project Description:
Describe staffing for the program. Please be sure to include the title of the project/program.

Project/Program Results:
Please describe how this project/program represents an innovative solution. And, please describe the Program results using numerical milestones, such as, "154 homes were built for Veterans using this program." Please discuss the replicability of this award: Could other states implement this program and if so, explain how? Be specific; mention partner organizations, and community organizations involved.

Explain the State's Leadership role specifically in developing and implementing this program/project.

Lessons Learned:
Please describe any lessons that developing this project taught you, again providing specific examples and details.

Be specific about how the program/project meets each of the categories. Your submission must also include a one page summary (maximum of 1000 words) of the project which will be used during the Awards recognition ceremony should this program/project be selected along with a photograph depicting the program/project.

Nominating Member:

E-Mail Address:

NOTE: You will be able to upload supporting documentation after submitting your application.